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PROJECT: Carbonara Day 2018


TALENTS: Mauro Gatti, Min Liu, Julianna Szabo, Gambette,  Balmer Hählen and Superexpresso feat.

The Rocket Panda 

YEAR: 2018


On April 6th — Carbonara Day — Barilla releases and make available for every Instagram user a customised creative tool to celebrate one of the most iconic Italian pasta recipes: a set of Carbonara animated gifs. Barilla asks to 6 international artists to reinterpret in each creator’s style the universal iconicity of Carbonara. 



Mauro Gatti, is an Italian illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles, California. Over the years he has been working on illustrations, branding, games, apps, videos, mobile stickers and installations for an amazing range of clients, from Mtv, Nike and Disney to JibJab, Line, Redbull, Vans amongst others. “I have directed teams of all sizes and I believe in mentoring team members to achieve their full potential. In 2004, I co-founded Mutado, a creative studio with offices in Milan, which is now part of the DeAgostini Group (the leading European publishing company). Over the last 10+ years I've led teams large and small to establish and grow the digital presence of some of the worlds’ largest brands focusing in particular on the mobile arena. In 2017 the StoryBots digital redesign that I've directed has been awarded with an Emmy for Outstanding Interactive Media. Currently I'm working in Los Angeles as VP of Content and Programming for JibJab.”


Min Liu is a Taiwanese motion graphics designer and animator, who earned her BA in 2010 from National Taiwan University in Taipei and her MFA in Computer Art with a concentration in 2D animation and motion graphics from the School of Visual Arts, NYC in 2013.

She focuses on hand-drawn cel animation since then. Her style is unique and with a dark sense of humor. She plays with increased consideration for negative space and a strong color palette to create a special and impressive visual. She is based in Brooklyn, NYC now.


Julianna Szabo is a Hungarian creator of intricate, hand-cut paper sets and illustrations based in London, United Kingdom. In her work she likes to elevate a sheet of paper to the 3rd dimension and often brings it to life through stop motion animation, using visual metaphors to draw you into a tactile world. She also has a passion for typography, which is coming from her graphic design education at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. Her main source of inspiration is her love of nature, but moving to a different country and experiencing different culture from what she grew up in is also a great source of ideas. Commissioned by Gucci, Fossil, Christie's, Bloom, H&G Creations, Catapult, offSITE as part of OFFSET, National Print Museum, Silk Road Film Festival, Chalk Creative.


Anne-Claire Gambet aka. Gambette is a French illustrator, designer and art director based between Berlin and Paris. 

Her colourful and imaginary world comes true through many different medium such as illustration, mural paintings, photography, graphic design, set design, objects design, ceramics, textile. She also created her brand of nail designed stickers, alfa.K,in 2013. With this project, she collaborated with many artists and designer to design nail polish stickers; Yazbukey, Camille Walala, Leslie David, Nails by Mei, Diamonds crew (Berlin), Saeio, Clint176, Exot, among others. Clients: Printemps Haussmann, Cartier, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Grazia, Rayban, Kure Bazaar, Nailmatic, Happy Shop (Berlin), Dailymotion, Who’s Next Paris, Delphine Delafon, Here We Can, alfa.K , SolAsylum, Mairie de Paris, Sundae, Atelier Ismérie.


Balmer Hählen, Priscilla Balmer and Yvo Hählen, a duo artists based in Lausanne. Their artists’s approach is influenced by the Swiss graphic design tradition, they produce bold typographic work with bright patterns and deconstructed forms. Stretching, slicing and fading lettering it becomes almost pictorial. “The emphasis on typography plays an important role in our work,” says the Lausanne-based studio. “We always try to simplify the messages, our goal is to go for the essential.” “At a time where the graphic design industry is undergoing a great economic transformation, our work is based on these techniques of printing with artisanal, even ancestral techniques, and confronting them with a contemporary approach.”


Superexpresso is Michele Angelo. He was born in Italy, studied painting, then visual and industrial design. Some years later he moved to work as a graphic designer in Barcelona. He recently moved to New York and is currently working as a freelance designer, still giving life to his weird creatures full of love at night. 

He believes in a hand-crafted approach to design and he loves the contrast between modern tools and classic “human” techniques. He likes to experiment with new ways more than following existing trends. He believes this approach can be used in all fields and others interesting new solutions depending on the project. 

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