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Replace all On-Air and Off-Air branding elements for the DaVinci Learning kids brand. The primary objective was to deliver a dynamic re-brand solution for Da Vinci Learning Channel Kids brand. This solution must make the Channel more contemporary and relevant. 


Client: Da Vinci Media GmbH

Design Studio: Pink Salt

Project: DaVinci Learning Re-Brand (Kids)


* The work shown was a proposed pitch to the client


Logo: The first decision we made was to drop “Learning” and replace it with “Kids” This immediately makes it clear that this is a kids property, but also leaves the way open to rebrand the evening block, if needed. We have taken the Futura font from the existing logo, and redrawn it to be bolder and more fun Corners have been rounded and spacing adjusted. The shell has also been made abstract, using a spiral of triangles, creating a much more graphic look, but also creating elements that can be used through the branding.

Promo elements: The spiral of triangles used in the logo are repeated in the promo elements. Only here they are used as a device for holding text or images. We visualized a Lower Third, a half-screen Overlay and a full screen End Page. Graphic layers can be applied by the promo producer in editing software (Premiere, Avid, Final Cut), so they can see exactly where they will be placed and choose clips accordingly. Text will added at the Broadcast stage, as before.

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Måns Swanberg

Måns Swanberg has been making motion graphics, illustration and mixed-media animation under the name PISTACHIOS since 2003. He mainly enjoys working design and music videos the most.