A call to action promo to promote knowledge and raise awareness around prevention of testicle cancer.
Lucky Touch (knowing that in Italy men touch their own balls as gesture to push bad luck away), if you know how to do it can ALSO prevent testicle’s cancer. Tocchiamoci aka Touch Yourself will go all around the country (Italy) and it’s getting into your town soon.


Agency: McCann Worldgroup Italy

Design Studio: Pink Salt

Advertiser: Fondazione Veronesi

Talent:  EMIL SELLSTRÖM                                                          


SILVER: Golden Drum Awards | C OOH (Out of Home) – Social & charity

SILVER: ADCI Awards | PR Campaign Non Profit & OUTDOOR Out Of Home Non Profit

BRONZE: ADCI Awards | Cyber 2 – Social Media Campagna Non Profit

BRONZE: ADCI Awards | Direct /PR – Direct Marketing - Digital e Social Media Non Profit 


Italy is a very superstitious country and the most popular gesture to keep bad luck away among men is touch their balls. Especially when they see an empty hearse passing by. So we drove a real one around Rome, to provoke men’s reaction and therefore to draw attention on testicular self-palpation topic. We then made a video of this “experiment” and we spread it on the web, to bring the awareness to the widest level. Moreover, the video linked to a website featuring a tutorial on how to perform a proper self-examination.



The campaign became viral on social media, getting many Italian men to self-examine themselves following our online tutorial, in a month it reached 205,000 views and urological check-ups increased by 54%.


Emil Sellström

Emil Sellström is a illustrator, graphic designer and animator. Currently he works as an art director at Viacom's World Design Studio (Stockholm), and has previously worked at Viacom's Regional Design Studio as an on air producer. His services include: art direction, graphic making/drawing, animation, production, edit and layout/print. Both traditional and online. Emil holds a Bachelor's degree from the Animation Workshop (Denmark) in character animation, both classic and digital.