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MICK JAGGER // Eazy Sleazy by ExtraWeg


PROJECT: Eazy Sleazy


ARTIST: Oliver Latta aka ExtraWeg

MUSIC: Mick Jagger & David Grohl

YEAR: 2021

easy sleazy_1080x1350.png


On the occasion of the launch of the new musical piece by Mick Jagger, Polydor, contacted PinkSalt to produce this NFT project

The idea was to create a digital artwork (NFT) whose proceeds went to charity, to help the music industry in times of Covid-19 pandemic. The artwork consists of an audio-visual collaboration between Mick Jagger and 3D artist ExtraWeg, featuring a custom loop of “Eazy Sleazy” – track by Mick Jagger and David Grohl. The artwork was available to buy via a 24-hour auction on Nifty Gateway, also, a percentage of the sale was dedicated to environmental causes.


Starting from the music track a series of related themes has been extracted, such as:

• Memory

• Humanity

• Brain

• Sense of being trapped

• Need of escape

According to the amazing works of ExtraWeg, the developed proposal takes in account some of the key-themes previously considered. The final artwork consists in a digital 3D animation of a person constantly running through a head, the focus of the camera is always on the main subject and the action ends and evolves in an explosion of fragments which are humans as well. The colors evoke the Mick Jagger’s cultural world and the final mix of music and animation results in a perfect match of visual and sound.

The style of the artwork, follows the line of the current Extraweg work. Soft paster and friendly colors that contrast with strong conceptual messages. the idea is to generate pleasing images that make you literally feel something in the brain.


Oliver Latta is a artist, director and human born in Kotten, Germany. He studied Design in the Bauhaus University in Dessau, and has spent the last years working as a Motion Designer at Sehsucht, an internationally acclaimed filmmaking, animation and visual effects German studio. Based in Berlin, he created Extraweg, a platform for his artistic expression that exploded on Instagram and went viral. His work has been shared millions of times in social media and through this he has managed to collaborate with some of the biggest brands, bands and clients around the world including: The Beatles, Gorillaz, Bring Me The Horizon, Travis Scott, Skrillex, MSI, VOUGE, MTV, VALENTINO, etc. His background in design and visual effects allows him to combine art and technology and brings unique and satisfying digital worlds to life, trying to focus on provoking sensations in the viewers, forcing them to think for themselves.​​






To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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