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PROJECT: FW18 In Store video


TALENT: Amigo Total

ANIMATION: Amigo Total

YEAR: 2018



A video related to FW18 Main collection to run in store to help build the vibe and attitude of the collection.

To build a storytelling based on the main themes of the new FW18 collection using fast and engaging 3d and 2d animation, more abstract than realist, mixed with product shots to highlight styling and key pieces.

The collection is big a mix of prints & styles. The starting point for the art direction should be the window creative: graphs & neon. Animation in store need to harmonize with the windows.

All-over Graphics, oversize shapes, new textile treatments and colors, casual, sporty attitude mashed up with formal style: the new collection is a journey into different inspirations and moods without losing the true Diesel DNA.


We created a visual landscape for the in store video strongly related to the window by the use of neon  lights and a very specific scene illumination. A fast paced mostly abstract trip exploring the different prints and styles from the Diesel collection represented in different ways, in order to achieve a highly engaging result where the viewer can inmediately ralate to the brand products. 

The idea is to include graphic and visual content from the brand collection, without creating 3D models out of it. Instead we will play with cloth textures creating an abstract but still recognizable shape, achieving an interesting graphic result. 

The idea is also to play with typography on a secondary level with messages like Diesel, FW18 and more, always related to the brand but with no narrative and always based on the FW18 Collection graphics.


Amigo Total is an audiovisual design studio focused on direction, working in the fields of advertisement, art, music and fashion. They like to play at the intersection of animation, film, illustration and photography. Creating content for the digital era such as films, campaigns,VR/360 and experiential. They create bold and engaging solutions through the exploration of styles, techniques and moods, seeking contemporary aesthetics and a cheeky sense of humor.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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