Client: Marni

Design Studio: Pink Salt

Talent:  Sammy Slabbinck

Design & Animation: Sammy Slabbinck

On September 5th Marni opens the doors launching a new store in New York Madison, this store has been represented by exclusive custom made papier machè sculptures of a Fawn. Marni asks Sammy Slabbinck to draw an individual storytelling based on the city and exploring the concept expressed in his specific style.



A fun journey through the amenities of New York City, such as the Moma museum and its pop art collection and Central park, ending in the new Marni boutique at Madison. A entertaining storytelling built and developed with animated collage and the typical surreal aesthetic of Sammy Slabbinck 


Sammy slabbinck

Sammy Slabbinck is a Belgian artist. His eye for muted tones and surreal compositions make his work engaging, memorable and sometimes humorous. Making (stop motion animation) videos has become a part of his work.  

Creating surprising personal work & brand advertising and music clips. Sammy Slabbinck renders dynamic original paper collages, illustrations, videos & prints combining found imagery with contemporary compositional styles. The images are cut up into pieces and redistributed, playing with exaggeration, scale and proportions. Other times, the images are placed in a reverse context, juxtaposing modern ideals with traditional states of mind.