Client: Marni

Design Studio: Pink Salt

Design, Animation, Music: Alan Fears

On September 27th Marni opens the doors launching a new store in Paris, this store has been represented by exclusive custom made papier machè sculptures of a Rooster. Marni asks Alan Fears to draw an individual storytelling based on the city and exploring the concept expressed in his specific style.


Enjoy Paris and its glamorous and sparkling atmosphere through the eyes of Alan Fears. The idea was to use Alan’s paintings and his art, into Marni’s world and interpretation. The outcome was a frenetic storytelling built and developed with a simple but powerful 'art brut style', typical of Alan Fears. As multidisciplinary artist, Alan designed also the sound, added lyrics, bringing his exemplary pop characters to life, all wrapped in a fun, ironic, and rhythmical animation. The right artist for the right brand!


alan fears

Alan Fears (b.1974) is a British artist currently based in Nottinghamshire, England.He is a multidisciplinary artist well known for his paintings which reference pop culture of the past, and his portraits of 80s celebrities are probably some of the best you’ll ever see. In the spirit of his creations,  you’ll find colour, pattern, and faces. He likes naive or outsider art and also he likes to tell a story, so he combines those elements in his work. He gets inspired by people, humans, he loves them and hates them at the same time. Visually, he likes to see colour and loose interpretations of things and people.

“Thematically, I try to communicate the idea that we are all equally ridiciulous and that none of us should take ourselves, or art for that matter, seriously. Serious people are the ones who ruin the experience of life, limit enjoyment and bum everyone out. The pointlessness in life is the point to life, that’s how it appears to me.” Alan Fears.