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Sensorama PFW
by Marc Wakefield 


PROJECT: Sensorama PFW + Valentine's Day stickers

AGENCY: Pink Salt

TALENT: Marc Wakefield

ART DIRECTION: Eugenio Ormas



YEAR: 2020


The Hotel Vivier this year will have 6 rooms dedicated to 5 senses + 1 extra sense GHOSTS. The set design and the creative set up will be rich, fun and surprising, based on a monochrome concept per each room. The idea is to produce 6 Filters connected to each of the 5 senses + 1 – so to each of the room of the Hotel Vivier – and to be linked to a QR Code that will appear on the paper invite as well as the digital invite. 2 Weeks before the event the guests will receive the invite discovering the 5 filters via the QR code and will start exploring the filter experience, while the 6th sense will be released only on the day of the event. All the celebrities and guests at the event will play and interact with he filters, sharing and posting it on IG with the goal to get viral.


1. SMELL // Room dressed with feathered flowers + wind, an actress will play the perfumer that will invite the guest to smell the shoes & the feathered flowers. 

Main colour: YELLOW

2. HEARING // Room dressed with soundproofing cones, headphones and ears, there will  be an actress playing with an high-frequency ASMR microphone, which will emit sounds  such as crystal glasses or other weird noises.

Main colour: BLUE

3. TOUCH // Faux pink fur will be used for the tactile experience, in the room two actresses  in Marie Antoinette style will be wearing furry cat mask – inspired by Le Duo des Chat.  

Main colour: PINK

4. SIGHT // Room where an actress will be painting in a very glamorous painting style on a  reacting black, she will have EYES.

Main color: BLACK / FLUO

5. TASTE // Room fully lined GLITTER / LAME where it will be a table full of sweets &  desserts probably meringues and other sweets. An actress will come out of a cake as a pin  up.

Main color: ORANGE / CORAL

6. GHOSTS // Multi color / rainbow carpet with marks on the ground where there are 6  dancers with a burka-like coat and instead of the costs eyes they will have multicolor  eyelashes.

Main color: LIGHT BLUE / GREEN


Marc runs the design studio ARDS, an independent design studio who specialise in Augmented Reality experiences for the media, entertainment, music, retail, F&B and live events industries.

Long term augmented reality expert Marc Wakefield’s filters are also featured in Grimes’s musical experiment. Widely known for his creepy clown filter that lead to him creating the Macphisto effect for U2 (a monster-like top hat and make-up effect Bono wore during the band's tour), his career naturally progressed from building standalone AR apps before getting involved with the creation of Instagram effects. Wakefield believes the accessibility of AR across social media will instinctively act as a starting point for newcomers to experiment with, but that “a lot of people are not fully aware of what AR actually is and a majority of the filter users probably don't know the complexities behind it. The cool thing about this is that it is getting users comfortable with seeing a digital overlay on the physical world.”

- From ID magazine



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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