The goal is to create a music video that captures the essence of the lyrics by merging real image with animation: using the night as a metaphor of the Unknown from which all emerges, the film is a celebration of death as part of life.


Client: Universal Music Spain

Design Studio: Pink Salt

Project: 'Aunque es de noche' music video

Music by: Rosalía & Raül Refree

Directed by: Ignasi Monreal

Produced by: Pink Salt & Collateral Films

In collaboration with CANADA



The film shows Death going to collect Rosalía’s soul. Starts with a POV long-take inside a car driving at night through an empty city. ‘Aunque es de noche’ plays in the radio. We cannot see the driver but the car is a character in its own right: it’s decorated with symbols of the after life and spanish relics. Little and very subtle touches of animation inform the viewer this is a supernatural space, although grounded in realism. The car arrives to a deserted outdoors space, where Rosalía awaits singing in a chair. The camera jumps out of the car and circles Rosalía, courting her while she sings. At this moment, animation becomes evident, forming abstract shapes and symbols around Rosalía, as if her soul was detaching from the body. The long-take finishes with a close up shot of her face, sweating and panting after the performance. Rosalía looks at the camera with accepting eyes and in this moment the lights of the car turn off and we cut to black.

The line animation

The Line is an animation studio with deep roots in the traditional craft of animation and interested in embracing the ever-changing way in which animation is created, consumed, and shared. Aside from films and commercials, they have worked on interactive projects, VR, 3D, 2D and motion graphics. From their studio in London they have the resources to take a job from concept, right the way through to the final stages of production, crafting ideas with an eye on the bespoke technical and creative solutions that each job requires.


ignasi monreal

Born in Barcelona and currently based in London, Ignasi Monreal is a 27 year old multi disciplinary artist. He manifests his art in different ways, ranging from intricate and mesmerizing illustrations, creative direction, art direction music, and film.

In the past he has collaborated with brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, JW Anderson, Bally, Dunhill, Swarovski and has recently collaborated for the Gucci: SS18 campaign, gift giving campaign and guccigram developing over thousands of exclusive illustrations for the fashion house.

Within the music scene, Monreal has worked with FKA Twigs on the artists music video and merchandise, developed the album design for Christine & the Queens and most recently directed the music video of Spanish Flamenco artist Rosalía. In film, Monreal has had previous filming experience, in features like Rally Nippon 2014, 2015 & 2016, Rally Mille miglia 2016 and Scotsman Rally 2016.

a capella

In ‘Aunque es de Noche’, Rosalía is performing a modern take on Enrique Monrente’s original song and using the lyrics from ‘Cantar del Alma’ written by Spanish poet San Juan de la Cruz which became popular through Monrente’s music. Enrique Monrente is one of the most innovative and prominent flamenco singers in Spanish history, and San Juan de la cruz one of the most influential poets from the Spanish Renaissance. From the start, it was clear how Rosalía felt connected to the place where the music video was filmed, and in particular to the chapel inside a cemetery, where the film ends and where the A Capella took place.

“The A Capella happened naturally and spontaneously in a moment where Rosalía was comfortable and in her element. She gifted the crew with a raw and unexpected performance and we felt it was essential to document it exactly as we saw it, pure and powerful.” Ignasi Monreal