"Virtual Versace", is a Campaign for Versace Sunglasses and Watches 2017 and the result of the collaboration between Versace and Italian director Luca Finotti. The project, unique to date in the history of Versace which left room for maneuver to the Director, announces the new collections through a Virtual Reality work.


Client: Versace

Design Studio: Pink Salt

Agency: Luca Finotti Studio

Creative Director: Luca Finotti

Project:  Virtual Versace

Talent:  RANDY CANO                                                     



Luca Finotti has built the world VirtualVersace working with eight international artists, young graphic designers that the director has decided to launch and raise awareness by creating "Virtual Reality 8 Short Films" that communicate the product using the most modern techniques of virtual reality. Amongst the eight artists is Randy Cano, selected by Pink Salt to develop a new generation Versace spots, with a different vision in which the DNA of the brand lives with the infinite world of virtual creativity. 


Randy Cano

Randy Cano is a LA-based 3D Designer, animator and artist that has become known for creating hypnotizing, gravity-defying, perception-challenging videos that see people and objects shift, shatter, melt and dissolve in unexpected yet unsettlingly satisfying ways.